Word From The Chairman

Being part of Kuwait and the GCC countries brings in itself Pride and Fulfillment, serving the local market it’s our pride we at HIVE Group. “why Hive?” must be the question lingering in your mind.
HIVE stand for Harmony, Integrated, Value-added, Engineering services.

On the other hand, the first thing that crosses our mind when we hear the word Hive is the Bees. A Bee Hive in itself is a source of rich and sweet food (honey) which brings in itself healing and immunity, which we are delivering and offering to our local market.

Due to developing The Event Management business nature not to many investors ventured in it, therefore we are demonstrating…

focusing on providing quality services with turn.

-key Event solutions.

Our long-term plan and GROUP vision is to be the key player in the Event Management business.

It’s not easy to implement as said but with one dedicated team of professionals using the lates and thighest technology devices and event’s equipment, we will put our effort and deliver as expected with our valuable customer together we will achieve it.

We engage a unique approach to every event, getting to know your passion style.
Behind each event is a full-planning team who will put together each and every vision, sound, smell and taste your heart desires.

In order to achieve its insight HIVE focused on adopting a distinctive Vision and Mission together with adapting
to a number of key Core values within the Organization.

Our Vision

To become a Prominent Investor and strategic Partner in the Developing Events Management Market.

Our Mission

Providing Elite and Competitive Products, Services and Solutions to Clients through adopting the State of Art Technologies & Indugtry’s Begt Practices.

Our Value


Reliability is vital to the business and is uncompromised.


for strengthening our presence and network.

Easiness Of Doing Business:

Easier faster, and safer ways to do business.


Embracing innovative solutions for the enhancement of services and intellectual advancement within the profession.


Integrity through inspiring trust by taking responsibility and acting ethically.

Community Relationship:

Developing community and GROUP caring about our community and environment.

Hive Sponsors

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